Nine Clever Ways To Use Video To Stand Out And Bolster Your Personal Brand

Are you worried about the promotions of your brand? If you don’t know how to grow your video on different platforms, this article will help you. During this covid-19 pandemic, it might have been difficult for everyone to promote their brands online. But certainly, online promoting via video is the best one can do to promote their brand. And it may seem easy, but it’s not.

Video branding can be good for you if you can speak confidently and very naturally. If you can let people feel your inner voice through a video, it can be the best way to promote your brand.

How videos create an impact on the audience?

Video creates a more significant impact on an individual compared to any other source. If you are too scared to show your face, let your editing team or your editing skill do it for you. Make a beautiful animation video showing your products and their usefulness. It will even grab people’s attention. You can clearly show your feelings and emotions in the video and not in the text. 

In today’s article, we will talk about some clever ways to use video to strengthen your brand promotion and some points to remember while doing promotion.

1. Via Google

Who amongst the millennial and Z generation doesn’t know about google? If something seems difficult to us, we always head up to google for help. With this platform, you can promote your site, brand, or product, and Google will suggest it to users with similar searches. 

2. Via YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest platform after google. Promoting on YouTube is not easy for everyone, but it is not impossible. Apps like InVideo will help you edit the video. If the video is of good quality, viewers will love it. It will surely enhance Likes on your video as well as help in promoting your brand.

3. Via Social Media Apps

Social media has taken significant control over teenagers. Promoting social media platforms such as Instagram can be the best option for you to promote your video. On social media, clients and businesses can directly talk to each other and share each other’s content. 

On social media, you come across various clients and business collaborations. You can also share qualitative content to maintain the public relationship.

4. Via Business Apps

You might have heard of many business apps, but the best of all of them is LinkedIn. This app can make your business grow. All you have to do is choose a good speech or talk about your product. LinkedIn offers jobs, so you also might get someone good at companies who want to collaborate with you. Your brand or product gets much attention after uploading your video on this platform.

5. Live Promotions

Live promotion does not imply expressing yourself on the actual stage. For example, social media apps like Instagram and Facebook have a feature called Live, where other people (your followers) can watch you live from their mobile screens. Yes, this is true! So, you can go live on these platforms and wait some seconds for your audience to join and then promote your brand.

But being on live mode, you should know what you are talking about because you cannot improve or revise what you said with the online video editor or some other apps.

6. Audio-Visual Presentation

Do you have some ideas about the organization that you work for? Do you want to share your opinions with your audience? Then the text presentation won’t do. Through text, you cannot put the correctness of your thoughts in your audience’s head. 

I suggest you have a video conversation with your viewers rather than on text about your idea. It will be so much more effective than the simple text. Also, it won’t create any misunderstanding.

7. Via Influencers

If you are too shy to post videos of yourself, you can collaborate with some social media influencers. They will advertise your product in their stories or their posts. And because of their huge fan following, you might get many product orders. But for this, you will have to pay the influencers because no one will do it for free. And about how much to pay depends on the products, popularity of the influencers, and their fees.

8. Vlogging

Vlogging is all about being yourself and being natural. If you have to promote your product, vlog your experience with it and post it on any social media platform or any site that helps business promotions. 

9. Blog Along With Videos

Are you a blogger? Do you write your thoughts out in an article? Then this one might be the best for you. All you have to do is use your brand-promoting videos in between your writings. It grabs the attention of the readers while reading an article. Ensure the advertisement you are doing is related to your article; otherwise, 80% of readers will avoid seeing it. 

Some points to remember

  • Do not brag about only your product in the video. Make it look like a story so people won’t get bored and won’t skip or avoid your video.
  • Editing skills are the most crucial part of video promotion. Make your video look so attractive that people will want to buy your product just after seeing your video. 
  • One should always communicate with the clients. If they ask you some query about your product in the comment section, make sure to answer that. You should always maintain public relations. Engaging with the audience is essential. Keep in mind that communication is the key. 
  • Always make sure to take a review of a customer who purchased a product from you. And share it on your social media. It will let people know more about your brand.
  • Being polite to anyone who joins your live session on social media is the next thing to focus on. Be friendly with them.


Is it not that difficult, right? Personal branding can be so much fun and factual at the same time. If you are looking for a company that offers top brand agencies there are great ones that can help you market your brand.

As we all know, everything during this time is online; you might have to promote your products using these platforms. But, on the other hand, you might also love doing it after the pandemic.

So, these above are the nine ways to use video to boost your business. Many personal brand promoters have used these tricks to grow their business. And they have succeeded.