Online Listing Tips to Jumpstart Sales

It’s no secret that an online presence is a crucial element in your business plan. Whether you are selling your services as a freelancer or a B2C product, the importance of your digital presence still remains. More people are shopping online than ever before. While this creates a great opportunity to expand your reach, it also provides your competitors with those same opportunities. In order to stand out from your competition, you’ll need to create listings and posts to increase the prevalence and consistency of your presence.


To write listings that sell, it’s important to understand how to play off of consumer psychology to best reach your audience. This includes thinking in the mindset of your ideal customer in order to tailor your pricing and wording effectively. See specific tips based on psychology tactics below.


Once you have a great listing created it’s important to use the right strategies to make sure it captures your target market’s attention — including timing, titles, spacing, visuals, and other listing elements.


Is the timing right?

To drive more traffic to your site or lisitng you’ll need to promote it at the right time. Consumers are most engaged online during the weekend and after 5 pm on weekdays. So if you’re promoting a listing or deal, try to schedule it for then.


Is your title attention-grabbing?

People will scroll right past your listing if the title doesn’t grab your attention. Titles should be easy to read, exciting and concise (40 to 80 characters).


Is all the information provided?

Make sure to include the best features as well as details that consumers would need to know before purchasing. To make this more scannable, use bullet points and have no more than 3–4 lines in a block of text.


Is it visually appealing?

Prospective customers love seeing a lot of images and videos, it makes them trust your product or service more. This makes their decision to buy easier as well. Try to include videos if possible but plenty of images (at least five) will usually suffice. The best fonts are easy to read, sans serif (Arial, Gotham) is recommended.


See more detail below or check out additional listing tips by ForSaleByOwner. It’s vital that you keep your ideal customer’s preferences in mind when you’re writing your listings, ads or posts so they feel like your speaking right to them.

Elita Torres

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