Tablet POS Software: BluePay Customer Payment Processing Moves Into the 21st Century [InfoGraphic]


As customer payment processing advances, tablet point of sale techniques are quickly becoming the preferred checkout process of many customers. With a capability to shorten long lines and reduce wait times, these systems put employees anywhere in the store. These smooth displays have several of other benefits as well, acting locally and servicing globally. Software utilities include:

  • Using multiple currencies and customizing tax settings.
  • Showcasing products off the floor.
  • Downloading sales data into spreadsheets that can be uploaded into booking software.
  • Managing staff.
  • Storing product descriptions, SKUs and price points in one place, and updating sync in real-time across all devices.
  • Staying up to date with pre-generated and custom reports that update automatically.
  • Accessing business’s sales history and analytics from one place.
  • Filtering reports by price, source, or date.

This infographic created by BluePay explains why these systems are the future of retailing.

Benefits of Tablet POS

Tablet POS Systems provided by BluePay

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I created this blog to add value and share insights on Leadership and Personal Development posts.  I also know that many of my readers are either Entrepreneurs or at a management level for a company.  If you are looking for a Tablet POS System, BluePay is a great option.

As part of a Shark Tank activity at my work, we had to come up with a way to move our customer experience into the 21st Century.  My team, who won the contest, presented several ideas including adding a Tablet POS System as part of the customer payment processing options.  Customers don’t want to wait to pay.  Throughout my retail years, I have seen many customers give up waiting in long lines because they were in a rush to leave.  Integrating a Tablet POS System gives your customers the option to pay and go as quickly as possible. Understanding the various point-of-sale (POS) systems available, such as those offered by Harbortouch, can further help businesses streamline their payment processes and improve overall operational efficiency.