The Clear Differences Between A Leader And A Manager [Infographic]


When it comes to fulfilling the role of the head honcho of your business, which do you classify yourself as: a leader or a manager? This question has been asked by a multitude of entrepreneurs and has been asked to them in return — therefore, there have been so many ways to answer it.


For the uninitiated, a leader and a manager may seem quite synonymous. After all, both are in charge of a business or a team and have to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them within this role. But there is a key difference between a leader and a manager: the way they motivate their team or employees to work and reach a common goal. This sets the tone for most, if not all, of the aspects of what they do to shepherd their people into that goal.


But why is identifying which of the two you are important?


Simple: not all methods will be a fit for you — there are certain ways of spearheading tasks that may be less effective for you and your team depending on how you’ve steered them so far. For example, you may be the type of entrepreneur that thrives more on minimizing risks rather than taking them. Doing something that you aren’t exactly well-versed in can be disastrous for your team and your business should it go wrong.


That’s why it’s vital that you know which of the two you are, so you know which direction you should use in your business and with your people.


Check out this infographic by Healthy Business Builder to help you find out if you’re a leader or a manager.



Are You a Leader or a Manager?