The Evolution of Wireless Technology and The Difference Between 5G and 4G

5G vs 4G

The anticipation and benefits of 5G has been the topic of many headlines.  Countries and companies are racing to be able to be one of the first providers.  Why all the fuss?  Is there enough of a difference between 4G and 5G?

What does 5G mean for you?

The fifth generation (5G) of network technology has the potential to benefit everything from entertainment and gaming to education and public safety. Over time, 5G is expected to deliver faster download speeds, real-time responses, and enhanced connectivity, giving businesses and consumers the potential to experience new, innovative technologies.

“4G is reaching the technical limits of how much data it can quickly transfer across blocks of spectrum,” explains Chris Mills head of industry analysis, at Tutela. “A major difference between 5G and 4G is this congestion will be eliminated.” This mean no more five bars of networking signal at rush hour but an inability to access a web browser.

Later iterations of 5G networking are expected to be revolutionary for data-driven industries, smart cities and infrastructure management because it will be possible to have many more devices working, reliably, securely and uninterrupted in the same area

You can learn more about the difference between 4G and 5G, but reviewing the following infographic created by Dynamo LED Displays

4G vs 5G Infographic

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