Top 25 Leadership Blogs for Small Businesses (Guess who made the list?)


Throughout my career in retail, it was easy to measure the results of my efforts.  Key Performers indicators were always available to guide me in the areas I needed to prioritize.  Those were tangible results.  Then as a leader, there are other results that are just if not more important.  Leadership effectiveness could be measured by how many people I promoted or developed throughout the years, or the level of employee turnover.  As my leadership influence grew, it no longer became about my results but my team’s results.


When I started this blog, it wasn’t as easy to measure.  I set out to add value and share actionable insights on improving leadership skills and focus on personal development.  Sure, I could see my Google Analytics and measure traffic, conversion and newsletter sign-ups.  But nothing beats numbers more than stories.


Throughout the last two years, I have received emails of readers sharing challenges and success stories.  Through my posts or email responses, I hope that I have been able to provide some guidance or share a different insight.


This week, I received a different type of email.  It was from Rebecca who was tasked from MP Star Financial to create a list of the best leadership blogs.  I was honored to have been chosen among a collection of great leadership blogs, many who I follow on a consistent basis.


The article goes on to quote leadership expert John C. Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”


I couldn’t agree more.  In order to become a leader who is able to continue to grow, investment in personal development is essential.  I have already emphasized in previous posts the importance continued learning.  Blogs are a great resource that allows you to be able to develop your leadership skills further.


Take a moment and review the 25 leadership blogs that made the list and hopefully Lead Grow Develop continues to be among your favorite.


Thank you Rebecca and MP Financial for the honor.