Useful Apps That You Might Want to Add to Slack

For those who are having their own business, Slack has become one of the most frequently used tools for communication between employees. One simply cannot imagine one workday without it.

Now, does it mean that these amazing chat tools are enough to get everything done? At times, it isn’t, which is why a lot of people turn to the latest Slack applications. A lot of them are very useful and were made for different purposes. Today, we will make a list of apps that practically every company must-have.

Top Slack Apps That Are A Must

Simple Poll

An app that is extremely easy to use is precisely this one. If you need a program that will help you create a poll for your colleagues, then you should definitely turn to this one. It is going to help your employees respond to your questions and find out which answer received the most votes.

Once you install the application, all it takes to poll your workers is one slash command. You should type a question and then add Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3 and there you go, you’ve successfully created a poll.

Use Clerk For SMS

If you need something that functions smoothly and is also very easy to use, then this application is definitely perfect for you. Among many chat resources, this is by far one of the best ones. Thanks to it, messaging has become very simple and fast, plus this app is filled with amazing add-on features. Another thing worth mentioning is that it is much more affordable than some other software. 

What Else Is In The Store?


Frequently, during meetings or some important decision-making, people find themselves taking screenshots for their team members which are totally okay, however, if there are a lot of them it can take a while.

That’s precisely why it would be recommendable to start implementing something that is way more practical, which Marker definitely is. With its help, you’ll be able to take screenshots, annotate them, share them and edit them with others in a blink of an eye. 

It is for sure a fast and easy process and a feature, unfortunately, a lot of applications do not have, which is quite a shame.


No matter how serious and professional we want to be towards our colleagues, sometimes, having fun is definitely much needed. If you’re looking for a way to express your emotions and thoughts without using the words, then Giphy is definitely your thing.

Finding and sending an entertaining GIF will definitely lift the mood of your team members. And just like many other applications, this one is also very easy to use. The only thing you must do is enter slash command/Giphy and any phrase of your choosing.

Fortunately, this app has so many amazing options when it comes to phrases. So once you do this, the software is going to utilize the phrase that you’ve typed in to show you what’s at your disposal.


As you can see, there are so many spectacular integrations and applications that you can utilize if you are already hooked on Slack. It seems like they have developed apps for all sorts of things that can drastically enhance workflow.