5 Tips For Training Millennials [Infographic]


Millennials represent an increasing share of the workforce and a growing number now occupy senior positions.  They are no longer tomorrow’s leaders but the leaders of today.  How businesses connect and engage with this growing workforce is important for employee engagement.


According to a Deloitte Millennial Survey, two in three Millennials expect to leave their current jobs by 2020.  Loyalty for the sake of loyalty is no longer a common theme.  In order to keep Millennials engaged, leaders need to know exactly what they are looking for.


After surveying over 7700 Millennials, common themes began to pop up:

  • Millennials look for companies that align with their values
  • They want companies to satisfy the demands they have of them
  • They support their ambitions and professional development.


The following Infographic focuses on how to support their desire for professional development through training.


5 Tips for training Millennials


  1. Don’t Overuse Technology

Millennials are very comfortable with technology.  However, using it as the main tool during training takes away from the personal touch that one on one training provides.


  1. Make Content Relevant

What training do they need that will directly impact their success and productivity at work?  Focus on those skills and make it part of the training program.


  1. Empower to Self-Train

Millennials like finding the answers themselves.  Tell them what they need to know.  Show them where to get started and give them the freedom to find the answers themselves.


  1. Establish a Relationship

More important than your title is how much you care about their development.  Take the time to connect with them.  Forget company and focus on team.


  1. Open the Floor for Discussion

Establish a culture with an open dialogue.  Encourage feedback from every team member and collaboration as a team.


The following Infographic was created by MicroTek, “The Leader in Training Room Rental and Delivery Services”.  Since 1991, MicroTek has been an industry-leading, single-source provider of business training and meeting rooms, virtual training platforms and instructor sourcing services.



infographic tips for training millennials
Infographic created by MicroTek Corporate Training Service