How Businesses Should Use Live Video [Infographic]


Creating and building on your brand is now essential to the success of any business. Now, businesses need to find a way to gain more loyal customers through engagement. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using live video.


The streaming industry is expected to be worth $70.05 Billion by 2021. No business should ignore those figures. If brand identity is important, then find a way to communicate your business’ messages through live video.


Online media and communication is continuously evolving. No longer are users satisfied with just reading a blog post or even watching videos. Live Streaming has been made popular through companies such as Periscope and SnapChat. It wasn’t too long before Facebook and Instagram came onboard.


80% of online users prefer live videos over blogs and 82% favor live video over social posts.


Why are these figures so high?


When a video is being streamed live, viewers have in the moment messages and can communicate directly to the streamer. This results in more engagement and instant feedback for the user.


Live streaming isn’t just here to stay. It has dominated the scenes.


As users clamored for access to brands, brands jumped on live streaming. Brands see it as an instant opportunity to create a better experience.


“Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world.” Mark Zuckerberg


Although the simplicity in creating a live video is enticing, businesses should know how best to leverage this medium. Done properly, it can go a long way to create engagement and loyalty.


Tom Hopkins, the Managing Director of One Productions, put together the infographic to show small business owners the significant role live video plays in today’s digital environment.


Live Video Strategies:

• Post a teaser so your audience knows when you will live stream.
• Create a rough script so you won’t go off topic.
• Keep your content fresh by not being too “salesy.”
• Remember your brand by being consistent in your message on all live content.
• Sell a feeling, meaning you should create emotionally driven content.


How Businesses Should Use Live Video