Bizarre Sleeping Habits of 61 Famous People (Infographic)

Bizarre Sleeping Habits

When you are faced with an extra workload or added responsibility, sometimes you need to sacrifice something in order to take more on of something else.   What used to be popular and common was sacrificing sleep.  It tended to be put aside so that one can get more done.  Then, we started reading and hearing about the impact that bad sleeping habits can have on one’s health.

For some busy and successful people, sleep is treasured and treated as a rare commodity.  For others, it is treated as something that can be thrown away.

Some people go through many lengths to protect their sleep and keep to strict rituals.  What are your sleeping habits?

I don’t have any rituals myself but I do have a common sleep schedule that I love to stick to.  Sometimes, I have had to say no to some events because it risked my ability to keep to my schedule.  I have always had sleep issues ever since I can remember.  I have even spent some time in a sleep clinic trying to find out what might be the underlying cause.  I learned early on the importance of having a proper sleep in maintaining my productivity.

The Infographic below created by CelebJury shares some sleeping habits of successful people from Politicians, to Scientists, to Business people and Superstars in the Entertainment industry.  There is no common pattern or magic formula.  No one best ritual guarantees success.  Figure out what works for you and then make your own ritual.

Whose sleeping habit closely matches yours?

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Bizarre Sleeping Habits of 61 Famous People (Infographic)

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